Some Amazing News!!!

A few days ago, I had started feeling bad! Depression? Mania? Mixed? Who knows! Just extremely bad… And I was off the Zoloft, have been for about a month to stop “mini” cycles. So now what do I do? Can’t take Zoloft if it is a depression. I was still on 900 mg of Lithium and 50 mg of Seroquel, which is another mood stabilizer.
I started taking 100 mg of Seroquel and in TWO days, I feel almost normal. My normal singing, talking, thinking, SMILING, interested in things me!!! Do you have any idea how big this is! In two days!
I absolutely worship my doctor, he was right. Let’s see if I continue to stay on 900 mg Lithium and 100 mg of Seroquel, will my mood continue to be controlled? Oh my goodness, I hope so. This is amazing. I am so thankful for this that I could jump up and down with joy. Just thought I’d share the good news. :))

One thought on “Some Amazing News!!!

  1. Awesome! I talso take 900 mg lithium and I was at 100 mg Seroquel too + an MAOI and my treatment-resistant bipolar depression lifted…a miracle! 🙂 now I take 50 mg Seroquel so that my daytime fogginess is less. I thank God for these meds! So happy for you!


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