5 thoughts on “22 Veterans die by suicide EACH day!

  1. My father, who died this past October just 27 days short of his 90th birthday, was a WWII combat veteran. He had terrible undiagnosed PTSD. He always said that the reason he never kept a gun in the house was that he was afraid he might use it. He was able to channel his nightmares into his art, which is what kept him alive; but he spent every night in hand-to-hand combat in his sleep, and my mother suffered many unintentional kicks and punches. Some nights he would be fighting so hard, she would have to get up and sleep in the guest room for safety. In those days they called it “battle fatigue” or “shell shock,” and the stigma around that was so severe that unless someone was completely disabled by it, they suffered in silence. At least now the VA is making an effort to identify and treat our vets, and I’m hopeful that more of them will get the treatment they need, especially service dogs. Thank you for this post! –Laura

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