Havening 2

Went for my second appointment yesterday. Of course the method was the same, thinking an if issue, where do I feel it (in my solar plexus), distraction by making a list of 20 things I’d find in my haven, which yesterday was the forest we took hikes in in Lake George. Then again following Kimberly’s hand with my eyes as she moved it side to side.

The beginning score of anxiety/fear was 8. The end score was 6.

Again the most amazing thing was the colorful light show I saw as I sat there with my eyes closed. This time it was swirling dark purple sometimes with dark green swirled in. Then an extraordinary thing happened! The purple concentrated into a brilliant purple diamond. Weird! I know! But I saw it. This concentration of color into literally a brilliant purple diamond, like one on your ring, happened a couple of times!

I still do feel anxious though, perhaps a bit less.

The problem I went to get resolved was my tremendous anxiety, fear, and worry about my son. Sending him all the love in my heart.

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