Food allergies/sensitivities

Getting retested for my food sensitivities. Seems some foods I was allergic to, I’m not anymore. And some I wasn’t allergic to before, now I am. That’s the thing with food allergies, they change. Once you stop eating a food for a period of time, this doctor says a month, your immune system should stop reacting to that food. Hopefully. My banana allergy hasn’t gone away and I love bananas

But my dairy allergy is gone! I do t really like milk that much, but I will be happy to eat ice cream and Creme Caramel

And onions, I was allergic to them and I am no longer so.

Your immune system is not supposed to mount an immune response against food. It is only supposed to mount an immune response against pathogens and poisonous substances or foreign bodies. It is supposed to have tolerance against food. But for some reason the tolerance is broken and it starts reacting against food as if it is a pathogen or foreign object. Not eating those foods is supposed to set things right.

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