A pretty bad experience.

I had an awful experience with a Gayatri Singh, a supposed social worker in Louisville, KY. She was rude, judgemental, and called the issue, which was very troublesome to me, “half baked” and totally denigrated the loved one I was worried about and about whom I had come to speak to her! I was totally appalled and  I told her I did not appreciate her remarks, however she just went on, making excuses for herself. Saying that she had made statements in hypothetical terms, when she absolutely had not! I’m going to write a detailed letter to the APA describing exactly how appallingly she behaved. I would have preferred to give this person 0 stars, unfortunately, that wasn’t an option. She’s awful and I will never go back to her. I feel worse after seeing her than before. I wrote this on Healthgrade in December 2017 right after this incident happened.

Now, very recently, I found out she discussed my personal details with a malignant third party. That is unethical to the extreme. She should be barred from practicing in the mental health field in any capacity. Looks like another letter to the disciplinary board is in order!

2 thoughts on “A pretty bad experience.

  1. Oh my God. Sweetie.

    She needs to be held accountable!!!! I’m so proud of you for bringing this to light and for taking action against this unethical, atrocious behavior.

    You needed this crap like you needed malaria. (My therapist just recovered from a strain of malaria after visiting the Amazon. I asked her about it and she almost died from it!)

    Sorry to digress. The fact that you found out that she broke the confidentiality between client/patient & therapist is beyond disturbing. Please keep us posted.

    Much love,

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    • Thank you my dearest friend. I was totally flabbergasted by her behavior and violating patient confidentiality is just unbelievable!!! I will be getting in touch with the disciplinary board here. I’ll keep you posted. Thank you for your support. Love you lots, Lady Dy 💕💕😍😍😍

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