Most poems were written when I was severely ill.

All these poems with high emotion and despair, anxiety, depression, desperation, and all the negative emotions were written during hypomania, depression or mixed phases. They don’t necessarily address anyone in my life, they just come from thoughts, feelings, and a compilation of people in my life. Once I come out of these phases, I am perfectly normal and go about the business of living my life. Very fortunately for me, these ill phases are much shorter than well periods in my life. Just FY!.

pink rose

2 thoughts on “Most poems were written when I was severely ill.

  1. Hi, my names Olivia. 
    This piece of writing was inspired by you X

    I lie here, in fact I don’t lie at all. In fact I jump, I soar. I never stop to think. Thoughts whizzing, whirling and throwing themselves at me. Won’t stop, can’t stop, not even a single drop. Am I manic or is just my personality like they say? 

    Spinning around, what have I done. It’s only half past one. But already I have ideas, meaning and concepts. Who says I can’t do everything I want? Writing a novel, started that. Comedy script, finished that. Tidied the flat, put on my make up. Done all that. Many more to come tonight before everyone else wakes up. 

    Don’t want sleep, can’t sleep. Maybe I should count sheets. What’s the point when there’s so much I could do right now. Wherever I am too much to do. 

    Want to run and jump high into the sky. I can never imagine being low again,  I doubt it will ever come. 
    Voices now are so productive, giving me ideas and junctions. Maybe I should listen to them now they are positive and helpful rather than evil and manipulative when I am low. 
    I am bipolar but bipolar will never be me.

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