“56 Today!”

June 30th was my 56th birthday and I decided to have a photo shoot done for it. I enlisted my friend  Sparrow Jesse Lane, who is an artist and an amazing photographer, his contact is artsbysparrow@gmail.com.

We went to the Yew Dell Botanical Gardens in Louisville KY. I’d taken a couple of dresses with me for the photo shoot, I put on the floral one and off we went. When I had conceived of this idea, I had thought of it as something empowering for all women of my age, that age, where you are neither overly young, nor have you really gotten old yet. You can still consider yourself youthful! Not too many aches and pains, hopefully not for a long time yet, seemingly not too many wrinkles, postmenopausal, so no more reproductive issues to worry about.

Is this, could it be, that this is the time of our lives? Our children are grown and hopefully either are or will soon be off our payroll. We look pretty good, feel pretty good, we have come into your own. We’re not afraid to speak our mind, we have become our own person.

For all that, I celebrate my 56th birthday. I celebrate that I am still young enough to enjoy myself, yet old enough to be my own woman. And I did it to have fun! And it was a lot of fun, we roamed around the botanical gardens, looking for vistas at which to shoot. It is a lovely environment, and for an hour, time was suspended, the only thing on our minds was taking a picture, hopefully a good one. I think we did, out of an idea came all these pictures, and I really love them and will have them forever, to reflect upon when I do get old. Ladies, and gentlemen as well, I highly recommend it!IMG_8189IMG_8193IMG_8206IMG_8208 - Version 2IMG_8218IMG_8234IMG_8234 - Version 2IMG_8235IMG_8237IMG_8241IMG_8267IMG_8269IMG_8270IMG_8279IMG_8303IMG_8304IMG_8305IMG_8332IMG_8333IMG_8340IMG_8341IMG_8341 - Version 2IMG_8342

A little Maleficent, thrown in just for fun!

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