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  1. Hey Kitt, I’m blogging about the research from Harvard that says you can increase grey matter in your brain in key regions after just 8 weeks of meditation! I saw it on your fB page! I’ll credit you, what a great find!!! Thank you for posting! xxoo


  2. Hi Samina!,
    I have been following your blog for a while now. It has some great articles and is a good read. I particularly value the articles that you do on bipolar and other mental illness. Recently we (a fellow RN and I) started a blog on all aspects of mental illness, and thinking in general. I am in neurology and she is a psychiatric nurse. We would like to reach out to as many people as we can, would you consider show-casing our blog perhaps? I think it blends in well with what you have to say.
    You can read up about what we are doing, who we are and, of course, review our blog articles on http://www.weRNsane.com
    Thank you

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  3. Well… it’s meant to be a play on words. “we RN sane” -yes we are nurses …, but “we r nsane” because we are all have a little insanity, right?
    Do you not like it? It’s not meant to be insulting, its meant to be a little tongue in cheek and a little bit honest. After all, we all have our own personal histories, how else would be relate?

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    • I see that, I guess since I have bipolar 1 and sometimes people call me insane, so I am a little sensitive about it. But I see what you mean by the humorous side. And THANK YOU for the lovely writeup about my blog on yours! So happy to know you.


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