Positive rather than negative

Haven’t written anything in a very long time. Have not felt like it. Life’s been full of many anxiety provoking events. Doesn’t seem to be letting up ,by any means. Trying to decide to just go on despite events. Trying to just go on despite what’s been happening. I tell people to look at the positives in their lives and then be happy for them rather than be scared, anxious and depressed by the negative ones. Trying to take my own advice. Easier said than done, absolutely. But I’m going to try and also will try to come back to my bipolar1blog, my beloved blog that I really used to love to write. Can’t wait for things to be perfect, or even better, must start living again. There are few very bad things, my loved ones’ health conditions, as well as other things, however even in the midst of the bad, there are still many things for which to be thankful. So god help me, I plan to be thankful.

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