The Brain: The Switches That Can Turn Mental Illness On and Off |

The difference between one personality and another is not determined by genes alone. Love’s got something to do with it too.
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Epigenetics, modifications of DNA, but not the sequence of DNA, can have huge effects in the organism.

You can possibly turn mental illness genes off with epigenetic changes! Exciting!

Scientists Identify The Physical Source of Anxiety in The Brain

We’re not wired to feel safe all the time, but maybe one day we could be.
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Researchers have figured out what cells in the brain fire when mice are anxious and how to silence these cells, thereby alleviating anxiety.

Now to see if the same thing happens in humans and find new treatments for anxiety!

The Shocking Dangers Of Plug-In Air Fresheners & Homemade Alternatives

The Shocking Dangers Of Plug-In Air Fresheners & Homemade Alternatives
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Most people don’t know this but it needs to be disseminated! In the presence of air fresheners, i immediately get a migraine, so i always knew they weren’t good for you.

Read this and see what you think.