My talk in Philadelphia (video)

I was invited to give a talk about my story of bipolar d/o and my experience with medications for bipolar d/o. The invitation was extended by and the talk was for Astra Zeneca drug reps and ad reps. This is a video of this talk, I made it with my iPhone. The talk was given on October 22nd, 2015, in Philadelphia. My talk was really well received 🙂 There were also two other bloggers, Jon Pressman and Julie Fast, who gave talks as well. After our talks, we had a question and answer period, where the Astra Zeneca people asked us many questions about the illness and treatment and what patients needed from them. It was a singular experience, drug companies don’t usually talk to people who suffer from illnesses for which they make medications! Even more singular for them to speak to people who have a mental illness. I commend them, and really thank for putting this together and allowing the drug companies and we, people who suffer from bipolar d/o, to convene and discuss issues that are important to us as patients, and to voice our opinions about what drug companies need to do to ensure better health for us. We, with all our experience and insight into this terrible illness, were given the opportunity to speak to a large pharmaceutical company such as Astra Zeneca, and they listened! And we were taken seriously! Phenomenal!

I fell in love with Philadelphia, it is such a beautiful city! I’ll post pictures I took there in another post.

19 thoughts on “My talk in Philadelphia (video)

  1. Sweet Samina, I keep trying to watch clip this both here and at the direct YouTube channel and I only get the first 15 seconds. :((((((( I’ve been trying for several days now. Is there any chance you could email me the clip to If not, I’ll keep trying.

    MUCH LOVE and so proud of you!!!!!!

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  2. I ***FINALLY*** watched the entire 10 min. 44 seconds, dear Samina! You were eloquent, funny, interesting (witches sending evil energy, anyone? How scary & painful, literally!) and really got your message across to the group. I’m so proud of you. Excellent job! They were to lucky to have some like you share her story! XOXO

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