Goodness in People

Beautiful snow in Louisville today!

I can see the good in almost all people, not serial murderers and the like, but all normal people. Even if I don’t like someone, I can usually see their positive traits anyway. I know some people who look at other people very negatively, very critically. I think that is a disservice they do to the other person as well as to themselves. It’s sad to not see the beauty that shines through someone. It’s sad to deny that goodness exists. Does it mean that they think nothing good exists? Does it mean that they think they can be the judge that judges all? I don’t know how people become that way, possibly mimicking a parent, possibly out of insecurity, possibly both. The parent may have had insecurities, or delusions of grandeur or narcissism. Both my parents were narcissists, yet I didn’t become like them, I actively avoided it.

I’m not saying I’m perfect, by no means, but I do look for and see goodness in people.

Just some thoughts I had today.

5 thoughts on “Goodness in People

  1. I totally relate to all of this, soul sister!
    I wish you had joined me at my Toastmasters meeting today – this was one of the topics our members were asked to speak about!!!!

    Love you, beautiful one.

    p.s. You ARE perfect, Lady Samina!!!!!!!!!!

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