cecil-and-lioness-brent-stapelkamp CECIL murdered cecil

So angry, furious that a beautiful, noble being such as Cecil, was needlessly, uselessly, criminally killed because some sob wanted to prove what a big man he was. This gorgeous lion, Zimbabwe’s pride and joy, left behind 24 cubs, these cubs are now most likely going to be killed by other lions because their father is gone.

This man, this dentist, sickens me, literally makes me want to throw up! How dare he take a magnificent creature, Cecil, hunt and shoot him down, and then behead him to make a trophy for himself. Sickening! Big game hunting, hunting, just to feel the adrenalin rush from hunting and killing a beautiful, noble creature! Gotta stop this! Have to stop this! People, be civilized, don’t kill these magnificent, in many cases endangered, beings just to get your sick selves off.

No matter what they do to this heinous man, Cecil is gone, nothing will bring him back. Sometimes, I really feel sickened to be part of this sick race we call human.