Robin Williams.


A mood disorder has struck again. Robin Williams is gone. How sad, how unbelievably sad! He was a comic, he made us laugh. Oh the awful irony of it! I remember him as Mork in “Mork and Mindy.” He was hilarious, his high energy exploits, the funny words he made up and used, how sad now. I remember seeing him on late night TV, his off the wall comedy, his boundless energy, he made us laugh. The last time I watched him was on a video on Facebook. He was with Koko the gorilla. Link here:

Koko wanted to tickle him and did, then he tickled Koko, and they both laughed, it was so funny and infectious and adorable.

I didn’t know that he, with his boundless energy, his hilarious stories, his crazy antics, was so severely depressed. I had no idea that he suffered from depression at all.

Oh Robin, why? Why didn’t you fight? Fight harder? Why didn’t you tell someone? Why didn’t you reach out to someone? Anyone, even a stranger? You didn’t have to go like this. Depressions don’t last forever, they too pass…

I feel like it is a strike against all of us who suffer from mood disorders. It’s personal. It’s a personal defeat. God if I could have saved him, I, as sure as I live and breathe, I would have. It seems that if a person such as Robin Williams, who had everything at his disposal, the best doctors, the best medication, therapy, if he could go down, then what chance is there for the rest of us?

Suicide is a momentary decision, if someone is there at that moment and can talk you out of it, you are invariably grateful that they did. It is really a matter of a weak moment. I wish so much that someone had held his hand and walked him through that moment.

I am beyond sad. Of course my heart and my thoughts go out to his family and friends. I hope they remember the wonderful times and the love he had for them. 

Mood disorder, be not proud. You have taken a beautiful, energetic, funny, intelligent man from us. But we will never forget him.

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