My Son Is A Lawyer!!

May 21st was a very happy day indeed! My son is a lawyer! He even got his grades today from this last semester, he got A’s and B’s in all his courses so he really did graduate! With a GPA of 3.5, pretty good for this silly boy, considering he hardly ever went to class, I know, I know, I told him to attend his classes, but… oh well, he graduated. The next thing on the agenda is passing the Bar exam. He starts his Bar preparation course tomorrow. This one he will not be able to miss at all, every second of this one counts, so he’ll be attending all two months of it and taking the bar in July. After that, an extensive job search, he is staying in NY State, but most likely not Buffalo. These are the first free minutes I’ve had for the last three days! We’ve had the Commencement at SUNY Amherst Campus, the dinner the night of at San Marco, the cocktail party the next day at Rue Franklin, the dinner tonight at Trattoria Aroma, lunch at Soupherb. Seems like we came here to eat, but all family gatherings happen while eating great meals! Companion means someone with whom you share bread, so there it is, we broke a lot of bread together. And had a wonderful time! Everyone was so proud of my son and his achievement, it was a happy, happy occasion! My husband and I are the proudest parents you can imagine. It is gratifying that my son is now in possession of a degree that will make it possible for him to have a wonderful career and life. Everyone wished him well, and brought gifts and blessings!

A few pictures are below taken with my cell phone. I took a million pictures with my Nikon camera, but forgot to bring the cord to download them onto my computer, so either I go get another cord or wait to download them till I get back to Louisville…

Aral Grad

Aral Hood

Being hooded!

Me and Nej Aral Commencement

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