5 thoughts on “The Prelude by William Wordsworth

    • Thank you Kitt. One day about 10 days ago, I noticed these amazing clouds on the street where I live. Thank goodness iPhones have such amazing cameras. And then they seemed the right choice to pair with Wordsworth’s amazing words.

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      • Pretty amazing that we now walk around with phones/cameras/computers in our purses/pockets. I, like you no doubt, remember the day when if you got sick at school, you waited until your mom happened to pick up the home phone (no answering machines even) and come get you. Now we are expected to be instantly responsive to everyone. Stressful. Before, you just waited patiently.

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      • Agree! So many positives and yet also anxiety provoking, these gadgets that are constantly being forced on us. My husband doesn’t have a cell phone! Says he can either be found at work or home, doesn’t need one. The worst part for me is that I expect an answer instantly and when I don’t get it, I go off on all kinds of catastrophic and anxious thinking. Sometimes I think my mind is two years old. Haha.

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