Texas Governor Vetoes Mental Health Bill Because He Doesn’t Believe Mental Illness Is Real

Yes folks, this is real! This is not an Onion article! What to say about this? I am at my wit’s end. Mental illness is not real, according to Texas governor Gregg Abbot and he vetoed a Mental Health bill, “a bipartisan bill which would give more resources to medical professionals that help residents dealing with mental health problems. The bill in question was widely popular, supported by many large medical associations in the state and both political parties.” And to make this decision, he consulted Scientologists!

Even though I am an atheist, this makes me want to scream “Jesus, almighty Christ, god, what the hell is happening here?” How do people like this get to positions of power? How much damage do they do and how much damage like this can a civilized society absorb and still stay civilized???

And what about the people in Texas with mental illness who would have benefited from this bill? And what about treatment of people with mental illness, since apparently it doesn’t exist, how does one get treated for it?

The implications are vast and frightening, this amount of idiocy and stupidity is chillingly frightening!


20 thoughts on “Texas Governor Vetoes Mental Health Bill Because He Doesn’t Believe Mental Illness Is Real

  1. His response to the election results made it abundantly clear that the only people who matter are rich white people. So why would he care about anyone that actually needs help? I get so sad because I’m a Texan through and through (Even if I live in the UK and am British as well), because gerrymandering and bullshit keeps putting people who need help down. :/

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