Seeing my blog in the WordPress Reader is REALLY cool!

blog reader

When I go to, a page called the Reader page comes up, on it are all the posts of all the blogs that I subscribe to, they alternate. This includes my own blog. When one of my posts is on the Reader page, it is SOO cool. I created that post! Before I put the words down, it did not exist. That is just an amazing concept: I am a creator. I put my pen to paper (so to speak) and create a story or a poem or a post that didn’t exist until I gave it existence. Very powerful! I can create. I have the choice to create positive or negative things. Most of the time I choose, I try to choose positivity. Sometimes the negativity sneaks in. Those posts, be they all positive or not all positive, are like my babies haha. I chose each word carefully when I write. I try to make my meaning crystal clear, no ambiguity, I think that comes from the scientist in me. Writing this blog is a joy much of the time. The very first few posts, from August 2014, helped me get all the suffering and pain and shell shock out of my system. Then I started writing descriptive, hopefully helpful blog posts. Then in the last couple of weeks, I felt like I didn’t have much more to say, but now words are spilling out again as fast as I can type them. I will make this blog about positivity, compassion and information. That is my intent. And I’m sure I’ll be thrilled every time I see one of my posts featured in the Reader, my heart will skip a beat, in a happy way.

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