There’s insanity, then there’s INSANITY!

U.S. President Barack Obama speaks at a news conference on the second and final day of the NATO summit at the Celtic Manor resort, near Newport

I am beside myself! Who are these isis monsters? Why have they been allowed to carry on their lunatic atrocities? Why have the Arabs allowed it? Why has the US allowed it? These people are a scourge on this earth. There’s nothing between their ears except death and destruction. They cannot be allowed to exist in this world. Normally I am non violent, I am a Pacifist. I don’t like violence. But in this case, with humans so defective and so rabidly violent, I am in total favor of taking them out with whatever measures are necessary. They need to go. The world doesn’t need their lunacy or sickening violence. Please President Obama, do something! For the sake of the world, do something. Don’t let these rabid, hateful, lunatic excuses for human beings continue to terrorize our world. Please President Obama, don’t just say it, get rid of the bastards. I wish they would try to target Israel, Israel would have no trouble nuking the hyenas, actually I’m giving hyenas a bad name here. They have to go. There is no other option.

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