In with the old

I took this photograph in the Buffalo and Erie County Botanical Gardens. Used to hang in my bedroom in my house in Buffalo NY. 

Eternity by Calvin Klein. My perfume that I wore on my wedding day. It had just come out that year and I’d ordered it directly from Calvin Klein and then I remember waiting very impatiently for it to arrive, and then being really happy when it did arrive. It smelled like tea roses, cloves, and sweet, like cotton candy. Still have the original bottle. I don’t know why I didn’t wear it too much. Now, of course the fragrance molecules are degraded, so it can not be worn. But I still have the bottle. 

This is my mother’s little silk pouch for fennel seeds and betel nut, both of which Indian and Pakistani ladies chew to sweeten their breath. This one still has fennel seeds and cut up pieces of betel nut in it, my mother gave it to me before I moved to Istanbul. I still have the pouch.

This is a little ceramic house I bought in New Orleans in 1986, at an Arts Fair. They had some with little ferns hanging in the front of the house, but those had all been sold, so I bought this one. It’s pretty, and peach used to be my favorite color at that time.

This is the Mona Lisa I bought at the Louvre in Paris in 1977. I was 17, and life was an enchanting adventure. Actually, I think it still is, in many ways. Now they know this is Lisa Gherardini also known as Lisa del Giacondo, therefore the name La Giaconde for the painting.  This is a little craft project my son did in kindergarten, it’s a burr, on it he painted a cute little face, and used pumpkin seeds for ears. It’s about 1/2 an inch in size and looks like an adorable little hedgehog! 

This is little Puffin’s fur. She is gone, but I still think of her and love her.

This is my mom’s little Bulova clock. She loved miniature things, and this one is about 1.5 inches tall and still works.

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