Theater Gunman’s Family Called Him Mentally Ill, Violent

Another tragedy! UNTREATED mental illness, violent tendencies, easy gun availability.

So what are we calling this? Homeland terrorism or insanity?

Treatment is the key for us, people with mental illness. If our brains and minds are not working properly due to a mental illness, we are not in control of our actions. Treatment is the key, to our living healthy productive lives. Treatment is the key to not allowing tragedies like this, and about scores of other tragedies like this, and all recently, not allowing them to happen. The family of this man tried to get help for him, but the police will not help in prevention, unless a crime has been committed, there is nothing they can do… the doctors won’t help, it is too difficult to help someone who is non compliant. The sick person themselves cannot help because their mind is not working. So what is the answer? The answer is still TREATMENT, medication, and therapy! The Aurora shooter, with his wild eyes, Schizophrenic, the Sandy Hook shooter, with his wild eyes, Schizophrenic and violent, and this man, mentally ill and violent…

Yes, the stigma is there for a reason, people are afraid of mentally ill people for a reason, because they act without reason. The only good thing about mental illness is TREATMENT of it. When a mentally ill person is on medication, in a normal state of mind, then there is no stigma, no possibility of this kind of thing happening.

I thank goodness for Lithium and Seroquel everyday, even if the side effects cause me some discomfort, it is these miraculous compounds that allow me to be normal and functioning. Thank goodness!

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