My Voice!

All I have is my voice
Don’t try to silence me
I have no mansions
I have no jewels from the bowels of the earth
I have no fame
But I have my voice
I was not allowed one as a child
Awful abuse left me mute
Don’t say anything, she’ll kill you
Not taken seriously, never heard, may as well have sewn my lips together
Now I am grown
And it has taken me a lifetime to find it
But I have my voice
Theatre has shown me I have a voice, even though the words are not mine, the voice is
I will use it to shout about what is important to me in my own words
Mental illness, the insanity in violence and terrorism, the oppression of whole groups of people, the wrongs I perceive in this human society
Don’t tell me to be quiet, don’t tell me to shut up
You can turn away from me, that is your prerogative
But do not silence me
I will not be quiet, I will keep on talking, writing, even singing about issues that are important to me
I am powerful, I have a powerful voice, I will use it to bring attention to wrongs that need to be righted
I have a voice, I have the right!

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