The Peacock

The peacock’s voice is melancholy, its feet are unlovely, but its plumage, its plumage is miraculous! I was just thinking that we can be unlovely and sorrowful as the peacock’s feet and voice when we live in anxiety, fear, and negativity. But when we act from love, and caring, and warmth, we are as miraculous and beautiful as the plumage of the peacock. Our actions and intentions are as miraculous as the peacock dancing with its feathers spread out in all their glory. I am attaching a video of a peacock dancing, it really is a miracle of nature. So are we. I intend to keep this image in mind as I leave anxiety and fear behind and embrace the love and beauty I know live in me. I know they live in all of us.

To all my friends and family, love and beauty and peace.

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