One Word: HOPE!

My friend Julie Fast, who has a blog called, she is a bipolar d/o coach and advocate and she offers treatment plans for BPD, and she has written many books on the subject as well! She is quite amazing! She asked me what is one word I would say to a person who was newly diagnosed with bipolar disorder and my answer is in the mini video 🙂

You rarely hear the words bipolar disorder and hope spoken together. Lets hope (!) that treatment, education and other services needed to live well with this awful illness make the use of bipolar disorder and hope in a single thought a common occurrence!

6 thoughts on “One Word: HOPE!

  1. I have hope that one day the pharmaceutical companies will have some social responsibility to we the people instead of its shareholders..Managing a disease Like Bipolar is far more profitable than curing a disease.

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    • I think you may be correct, sadly. But curing a disease as complicated as bipolar disorder, whose genetics aren’t even known, it’s not known which genes cause this evil illness, curing it is far, far away in the future. There is so much to learn before even a shadow of a cure is glimpsed. So, although you may be right about the greediness of big pharma, it’s really not an issue yet…


      • Maybe there is no incentive but doing the right thing… And if they go find a cure, it’s not as if there aren’t 100’s of diseases that still need treatment. And the scientists who are working on finding cures for diseases are not all in the pockets of big pharma. Scientists working on diseases get their funding from the NIH and other sources. So there’s that as well.


  2. Wow. Thank you for that. I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder in May 2014 so I’ve been having a tough time just accepting it. It doesn’t seem real and it’s so painful sometimes but people like you are such an inspiration. I HOPE that I can learn to manage this and live a long life. If you or Julie (I’m a fan of her books) or anyone have any more personal tips/tricks then please let me know. I’m using every resource I get.

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    • You are so welcome, wow, you are such a recent member of our wonderful (not) club! I hope my posts help and I know Julie’s books will help! One day at a time, always have hope, and take your medications and talk to your psychiatrist when anything doesn’t feel right. Positive vibes and hugs for you! Samina.

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