25 Things Only Someone with Bipolar Disorder Would Understand

This is from, they actually asked me for my feedback, which I gave them. It is funny, and it takes away the catastrophizing that we intensely emotional people who have bipolar d/o do. It was a much needed reminder for me that everything isn’t always awful. It was a reminder for me to stop taking everything so seriously and take it easy! That really things are fine, only my intensely emotional brain tells me they are not. This was a very welcome reminder to laugh and have fun. There’s a novel concept. Fun! No, it really isn’t, I am a lot of fun normally, just wish that was all the time. Anyway, everyone can enjoy these cartoons and jokes, especially we who have BPD. The fun side to mental illness, that might be the real novel concept, haha. And humor really is the best medicine! And I’m still laughing at #4!!!

25 Things Only Someone with Bipolar Disorder Would Understand

 Learn to laugh along with your condition.

1. You can tell when you had a manic episode by looking at your credit card bill.

credit card bill

2. Even though you live on your own, it often feels like you’re waking up with a stranger.

waking up with stranger

3. You have so many racing thoughts you should be a NASCAR analyst.

nascar analyst

4. You don’t suffer from a sense of superiority – you’re remarkably modest for an emperor of all humanity.

emperor of all humanity

5. You just realized people can drink beer for fun, not because they’re self-medicating.

drink beer for fun

6. Every morning you wake up thinking, “today is going to be a great day. Just not for me.”


7. Family members have mistaken you for the Incredible Hulk.

incredible hulk

8. If someone is described to you as “moody” you think to yourself: amateur.


9. You eat fear for breakfast.

fear for breakfast

10. You don’t know the meaning of “psychosomatic,” because you can’t concentrate on reading a word that long.


11. Your cat would describe you as the aloof and needy one.

aloof and needy

12. Your psychiatrist spends so much time balancing your moods she now has a side job as a professional juggler.

psychiatrist professional mood juggler

13. You remember when Prozac was cool.


14. When you’re down you watch “America’s Most Wanted” and cry out: “Why does nobody want me?”

americas most wanted

15. Your depressive spells make you forgetful, which is a shame because if you thought about your manic stages it might cheer you up.

depressive spells

16. You wonder how someone who feels so empty can put on so much weight.

weight gain

17. When you’re manic, nothing makes you angrier than someone suggesting you’re irritable.


18. Manic episodes give you a heightened sex drive, which makes it unfortunate you can’t maintain any relationships.

heightened sex drive

19. You can’t sleep at nights, which would be OK if you had more insomniacs for friends.

insomniac friends

20. Your depressed self probably wouldn’t be so depressed if your manic self didn’t make so many commitments for it to keep.

depressed vs manic self

21. If you could cycle as quickly as your moods, you’d be the next Lance Armstrong.

lance armstrong mood swings

22. You meet the same person at two different parties and have to convince them you’re not your pain-in-the-ass twin brother.

good vs evil twin

23. Friends say you’re the life and soul of the party, but you avoid parties like the plague.


24. You’ve cried on the pizza delivery guy’s shoulder.

pizza delivery guy

25. You’ve been told the warranty on your car does not cover existential crisis.

existential crisis

10 thoughts on “25 Things Only Someone with Bipolar Disorder Would Understand

  1. #16, #19, and #23 are me SO MUCH! Thanks for posting!!! 😀

    And in terms of #18, I’m a big advocate of hypersexuality as a major symptom of mania (25-80% in manic individuals) and I want to make sure people understand that. It’s overpowering, destructive, and debilitating but people often forget about it because sex is so taboo of a topic. Shame. We need to educate the masses!!!

    ….sorry Samina I don’t mean to steal your thunder or take away from the humor of this post. It’s awesome and I laughed wholeheartedly.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I love that!!! I can relate to all of them!!!! They are all true for me and I love the creative pictures that went with the statements!!!! Awesome. Thank you for sharing. I thoroughly enjoyed it!!!! I have added new posts. Please read my blog if you get a chance. I am new at this and just started my blog at the end of September. I of course have a million ideas running around in my mind….. just have to organize my thoughts and start writing more. I hope I will one day be as clever and creative and successful as you are.


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