Finding Alice’s ‘Wonderland’ in Oxford

ALice Alice 2

“Alice in Wonderland,” a story very close to my heart, as in my first full blown manic phase, I WAS Alice, was written by an Oxford Mathematics lecturer for the daughter of the Dean of Christchurch College. The little girl’s name was Alice.

I always thought Lewis Carroll must have been on hallucinogenic drugs when he wrote “Alice in Wonderland” but he wasn’t. He wasn’t even Lewis Carroll! He was a Mathematics lecturer at Oxford named Charles Lutwidge Dodgson. He was a brilliant story teller, a mathematician, a great photographer, a man with a vivid and amazing imagination! Below is a very detailed history (from histoire in French, meaning story) of the writing of Alice in Wonderland. Fascinating. The pictures included in the article are beautiful, clear and serene.

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