Well, here’s why I went to Pakistan.


This was the reason I went to Pakistan, to see my Fatto Khala (aunt). They hadn’t told her we were coming because she gets very anxious about changes. So when I walked into her room on the morning of December 27, she was totally surprised, her face broke out into a huge smile and she said in utter surprise “Samina ?!” I will never forget her happy face and exclamation for as long as I live.

I was afraid to see her, the pictures my cousin had sent me months ago were awful, awful! I didn’t know if I could handle seeing my beloved aunt in such poor shape. But I was so happily surprised to see that she is doing really well. Yes, because of the cerebellar ataxia, she is rail thin, and she has trouble speaking (but my cousins can understand her really well,)  but her spirit and her personality and nature are still the same! She laughs a lot, she is happy and beloved and very well taken care of by my cousins. She never got married and never had children, so it is we, her nieces and nephews, who take care of her.

The fear of the unknown is always greater than facing the thing you fear most. For me, in this instance, it was the fear of seeing my aunt in such bad shape that I wouldn’t be able to handle it. But what I saw was so good and so positive that all my fears vanished and a deep gratitude welled up inside of me, that even though my aunt has such an awful disease, she is still loved, and she lives in the very heart of her family, and is happy and joyous and taken care of in an excellent manner. May we all find ourselves in such happy circumstances if we need care.

Thank you Munib and Mahrukh, I absolutely adore both of you.

More about Pakistan soon. I took so many pictures and videos, I will share those in the coming days.

I am so happy I went, we had a WONDERFUL trip, couldn’t possibly have been better.


13 thoughts on “Well, here’s why I went to Pakistan.

  1. Wow, Samina, I am so happy you went! You made your Aunt so happy. And I’m sure your cousins were very happy to see you too! Looking forward to seeing pix and flix. Hey, I wrote “happy” three times in a row! I’ll make it four: I’m happy you’re home safe and sound!

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  2. You’re truly wonderful to have brought happiness to her, Samina! I’m so glad that the trip worked out; I know it must be so stressful even in when everything goes right!!!! What a tremendous relief that she was ding better than you expected given how she was in the pictures your cousin sent months ago.

    I LOVE these pictures!!!!!! I’m thrilled you had a love-filled, wonderful trip!

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    • Thank you Dyane for your enthusiasm and clear understanding! It truly was such a loving, happy, wonderful trip. I am so glad my brother, sister and I went! We’re planning to go again in January of 2017.
      Love you lots! And don’t worry about those pesky typos, I post without checking for them a lot and they are sneaky…
      ❤ ❤

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