Check it out!  weRNsane Deconstructing the brain with humor and insight

Alex and Dalia found my blog and asked me to say something about theirs. I am so flattered! They are two Registered nurses or RNs hence the name, and they have started this blog about, as they so aptly put it on their blog: “How we think and reason in sickness and in health is important to how we function in life. Here we explore topics in psychiatry, psychology and just practical everyday stuff. We are two nurses both working with the brain. This is our voice, reaching out to connect with others.”

Please have a look at their blog, it is very well done, and instructional and deals with brain issues, illnesses, and even self esteem and weight loss. And this post called “(Don’t) PANIC!!! which hits home for me with all my latest.. ugh… feelings and posts  :-/  It’s a great post, with many techniques to deal with panic! Oy vey, where were thou 5 days ago!

Anyway, check it out!




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