Most Views Ever!

I had the most views ever in one day today at 201 views! 124 of those were the”I am in awe and so inspired” post at

Well I can see what my audience wants, awesome and inspiring posts! Sheesh, how do I do awesome and inspiring everyday? Fine, I’ll try to. Next weekend I am going to Kamp Kessa, a women’s weekend  at a horse ranch called Cedar Fire Farm. They have beautiful horses and it is meant to be a very peaceful and healing time. Can’t wait for that. Of course expect lots of pictures. Hugs for all.

10 thoughts on “Most Views Ever!

      • We are mourning the sad death of Zoe, our hamster. 😦

        Other than that, I’m doing so-so… I wish I could blog about some gory family (and ex-friend) details, but I can’t as I’d pay way too high a price for being out with it, and the former friend would probably sue me for slander/defamation. Oh well. I guess I could write a “fictitious story” inspired by real life events, right? Thanks for asking, my dear, and hope this finds you well!! 💗

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      • Oh no, so sorry little Zoe is gone! Yes fiction could do the trick. All the names would have to be changed to protect the innocent, if there are any. Sorry you’re having friend and family trouble. Hope it blows over soon. Not much fun here either, just been reading about how to recover from abuse and abandonment. At least u feel better which means the reading is working. Hugs and much love 💞💞


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