Little, Big, and You as the Mediator (+ A Surprise!)

This is an exercise you do with yourself. Little is the Inner Child. Big is the Adult You. And the real you is the mediator. So you can stand, and imagine that Little is standing at your left hand side, as Little is weaker, therefore stands on your weaker side (as most people are right handed, so the left hand is the weaker side.)

Big stands at your right hand side, stronger by virtue of being bigger. And you are in the middle, you are the mediator. 

Now, Little and Big have a conversation and you mediate. Yes it is imaginary. You don’t even have to stand up. But with this conversation, Big listens to Little’s concerns and assures Little that Big is there for Little and loves Little and will always be there. This conservation is to be had once a day. It will be different everyday, it depends on what your issues are.  The point is to make Little feel loved and protected, ALWAYS! If you can do that for your inner child, your fear and neediness will go away. You will realize you don’t need anyone to make you feel loved or safe, miraculously, you can do it for yourself. And that makes you self sufficient and strong! 

A sample conversation follows: 

Little: Big I was afraid today because the neighbor’s were yelling and you were asleep. 

Big: Little, even when I’m asleep, I am still here and I will protect you and I love you. Those neighbor’s cannot come into our place and hurt you. 

Little: Are you sure, they sure sounded loud, like mom and dad used to sound. 

Big: Little, I know you were scared when mom and dad fought, but I am here to protect you now. I love you little, I will never let anyone hurt you. 

Little: Ok Big, thanks. I feel better. 

Have your own conversation and let me know how it goes. Hugs for all my readers, fellow bloggers, friends and family. 😻😻😻 

8 thoughts on “Little, Big, and You as the Mediator (+ A Surprise!)

  1. Oh my God, that’s absolutely hilarious!!! I wasn’t expecting that at all. You do a wonderful version of you- know- who. I don’t want to spoil it in case someone is reading this before watching. But I thoroughly enjoyed your performance and I will give it a try, but I don’t know if I can speak as beautiful as you do. Love you to bits. Tally Ho!

    Liked by 1 person

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