Kamp Kessa, Cedar Fire Ranch

DSCN0014I spent a weekend at Cedar Fire Ranch. It was pretty amazing. I went on one 4 hour long ride on Saturday, no idea at all what lay in store for me! It was on a very advanced trail (for me), very hilly, raviny, with creeks, and almost worst of all, trees with some branches extending into the trail (had an accident with a branch, had to get 20 stitches on my eyelid once when I was riding a horse…) I haven’t ridden a horse for about 20 years, so this was really a terrifying experience for me. But with each step, and each breath, and each branch waved away, I conquered my fear. I learned how to run uphill (on the horse) and cantor or jog and actually relaxed enough to enjoy it by the end of the second ride (2 hours) on Sunday. My handsome, lovely, chill mount was TLC, who I renamed Ice T because of his amazing, chill temperament. Dr. T (Thecla) whose ranch this is, was amazing, when on the first ride, in the throes of fight or flight, I anxiously said “I want to get off, I don’t want to ride!” She said “No, that’s not happening.” Haha, yeah now it’s haha, then it was like wtf! But she took my horse’s lead and held it and we walked, she was first, I was second, and the rest of the riders following, and the whole ride she held my horse’s lead, the lead was long enough so I could ride seemingly on my own. Once Dr. T. was on one side of a tree and TLC and I ended up on the other side of the tree, TLC realized that the lead was in her hand, and backed up (!!!!!) and went over to the other side, so the lead wasn’t stuck around the tree. He backed up, how in the world does a horse know he needs to do that, without any prompting? He and I became good friends, he was giving me head bumps with his big old head, and I was feeding him carrots and apples and treats. It was an amazing weekend, with amazing people. When I get a chance, I will go back again.

Just one sad note, the barn cats, and one of the cats had decided to take residence in the main cabin, they didn’t like the cats and no one was really taking care of them. Apparently the big dog, part German Shepherd, had eaten some of the cats. Well as much of a cat lover as I am, that was heartbreaking for me. Everyone loved horses, they loved the dogs, but they didn’t love the cats. Everyone creature big, every creature small, every being deserves love. I’m having trouble with that. I wish I could just get this little one who has moved into the cabin, but I have my Fluff, too old now, at 20.5 years to deal with a young cat. I hope this little cat survives, she is adorable and sweet and so deserving of love and care and all good things. I’ve called no kill shelters, maybe I’ll go get her and take her to a shelter, but that will be traumatic for her too. I have to think about what to do, what’s best for her.

Anyway, in general, the weekend was amazing, and I rode and jogged on the horse, like I’ve never done before. I will go again. And next time, I’ll bring the cat with me, and give her to someone who will love her 🙂


TLC, my beauty, and I, a special rider, hahaha. Forgot my sunglasses, these borrowed ones were huge and with the helmet, I certainly did look special! :)))


With my new ride!


My new love, TLC or as I called him Ice T, because he was SO chill!


Beautiful skies!


Another kind of Mustang!



TLC, my horse!



Dr. T, horsewoman extraordinaire and tough love expert!



4 thoughts on “Kamp Kessa, Cedar Fire Ranch

  1. Ye, beautiful pictures! I’m so glad you took this time to do something like this!!!!!
    “Equine therapy”, yes? And thank God no stitches! I’m so sorry about the cat situation – you’re wonderful to consider taking the cat elsewhere, although I can totally understand how difficult that would be to do.

    Congratulations on facing your fear on the re-named “Ice T”, ha!
    Did you speak soothingly to him in your Lady Mary Crawley voice? 😉


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    • Thank you my dear Dyane! Ice T was so sweet and they told me that he likes to be sung yo do of course I sang yo him. He closed his eyes and started swaying, really, I swear he did. He is such a sweet boy, madly in love with him! I’ll have to go see him again and I’ll bring the kitty back too. I hope. Live and hugs for you Miss Dyane, and love for all three girls.

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