What’s Mental Illness Got to Do With Success?

 You can read the whole article if you click on the link below. For me the most important thing in the article is what I have put in quotes below. And the sentence I’ve made bold is what I’m trying to achieve, and therefore it talks loudly to me. It’s not easy to recognize why you do the things you do, and keep on doing even when they are counterproductive. It’s only when you stop and examine your behavior, that’s when you realize the source of your behavior. And when you can pin it down, then you are able to change it. So that’s what I’ve been doing examining some things, some behaviors, actions, trying to understand where they come from and  once understood then I can stop engaging in those behaviors. And that is true change. To start out with being oblivious as to why you are doing certain things, that’s where you start, then you go onto trying to understand why you’re doing something, then you get some understanding and then you make a change. That is pretty revolutionary! I would say that is pretty inspirational, that you can change something, a behavior based on childhood trauma, (let’s say abandonment by your father or abuse by your mother.) That is the change I am capable of, it is the change we are all capable of! And that is success!

“The challenge, then, is twofold. The first part: Helping those suffering from mental illness learn to recognize, and then harness, their illness to their benefit. The second: To encourage an open dialogue that’ll encourage those who suffer to talk about their struggles in a way that encourages others to get the help they need if and when they need it. Certainly, these are minds that have the capability of imparting real change, both in themselves and in others.”


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