Beautiful American for Rachel Corrie

I was just going through all the blog posts that WordPress shows in a Reader and look at what I found. Disgusting and criminal, yet the world just sits and does nothing to help the Palestinians. I wonder if any action was taken against the bulldozer driver who killed this young American woman. Disgusting!


(Rachel Corrie murdered on March 16, 2003)

“We should be inspired by people … who show that human beings can be … strong—even in the most difficult circumstances.” -Rachel Corrie

Beautiful American

Poem by Coyote Poetry


When you give your life for another. These people are the Angels waiting in heaven.


          Beautiful American

(For Rachel Corrie. A human shield protecting woman and children.)

Just a woman.

She gave her heart to people far from her home.

Stood in front of guns and machines to save lives.

Protecting innocent people from.

The War machine in the hidden parts of the world from the world’s eye sight.

She stood in front of a building.

Was crushed and die by Israel machinery.

Her life was lost for woman/men.

Who call her the Beautiful American..


( Need to go to her site. Rachel  Corrie.
People like her are the real Angels in…

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