Piece by Piece

Wow, now I understand why Kelly Clarkson is always emotional and always singing about men leaving her. I had no idea she’d been abandoned by her father. These emotions cut close to my heart as well. Does it ever end? You can read a ton of books on how to heal your inner child, on how to tame your outer child, on how to become a Buddist nun (haha not really) on how to do EMDR, on how to get over PTSD, and on and on and on. You can be in counseling, exercise, take your meds, but then you hear something like this and the hole in your heart (the figurative one not the real one lol) gets bigger. Are you forever destined to be in pain, broken, irreparable? If once you’ve been broken, can you never glue yourself together again? Like the proverbial Humpty Dumpty? Very powerful song and very powerful emotions,  just finished exercising, going to take a shower and be calm and ok.

11 thoughts on “Piece by Piece

  1. I just love what you’ve written. I think there are those of us in this world that through our own damage have an over developed sense of empathy towards others that are also injured. As painful as it is to hurt along with those who hurt, I think it defines what is humanity vs the cruelty that put us all here. I love Kelly Clarkson’s music. I feel her pain in her lyrics and performance. She is one of the artists through which I can relate my own pain

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    • Thank you Pieces! Yes, Kelly’s words and emotions when she sings are so powerful and for people like us, it is impossible not to fully empathize with her! And yes, that is what makes us human, kind and empathetic humans. Hugs for you.

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