What are we leaving our children?

What are we leaving our children? In light of the terror attacks, I ask this. We are leaving them isis, a sickening, violent, almost non human group. We are leaving them a horribly unequal world, as far as wealth, as far as education, as far as the comforts of living a long and productive life, and it is this inequality that spawns terror. 

As far as climate, the health of this planet, our home, what are we leaving them? We are leaving them a catastrophe. The 10-20 inch rise in sea levels that was to have taken many decades in which to occur, now climatologists think will happen within a decade. And it will have real and dire consequences. This is what we are leaving for our children to deal with and it is not something that can easily be handled, or perhaps handled at all. 

Terror and climate catastrophe. This is what we are leaving for our children. Sad, incredibly sad. 

How, with the way things are and the way people behave, how can we make things any better? 

Cruz is calling for monitoring of Muslim neighborhoods to make sure that Muslims don’t get radicalized! Trump wants to register Muslims so he can keep tabs on them! Does this not remind you of another awful period in history, targeting and marking a whole group of people. Remember, it did not end well. 

As my brother, who is an Art director of an Institute in Brussels said “Scary times!” Scary because of so many things. 

Unfortunately, fear seems to be winning. 

9 thoughts on “What are we leaving our children?

  1. Oh Samina, I haven’t been able to read much about the latest tragedy in Brussels because I watched this documentary yesterday and it absolutely floored me. At the very end there’s some hope, but it was extremely sobering. :((((((((( One of my best friends, an environmental activist, wanted me to see it. I had to force myself, but I did watch the whole thing. It changed the way I think as far as our weather goes, and it makes me never want to buy anything with GMO material in it.

    “Why in the World are They Spraying?” Documentary HD

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    • Hi Dyane, I know, there is a huge disaster that is coming upon us and people keep denying it and just going about terrorizing and other awful things :-(( I’ll watch this soon. Maybe if everyone watches things like this and makes changes like you are going to do, then things won’t deteriorate so quickly. I’ll watch it, maybe I’ll write a post about it. XXXXOOOO

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    • Oh my gosh, Dyane, I have no idea if this is true, it has all the makings of a conspiracy theory, but it’s only a conspiracy theory until the news anchors are reporting that it’s true. It sounds like something big business like Monsanto (the devil itself!) would do. And they’d do it without any regard for what’s good for us, the planet, or the ecosystem. And yes GMO’s are the devil’s spawn, therefore they are to be avoided at all cost. I get only organic groceries. I don’t know what to say. I certainly hope these people are wrong… :-/ Ugh


      • Craig said it seemed like a conspiracy too BUT he didn’t watch any of it! My friend is going to talk to him personally as she studies this info. and has for years, but she’s not a zealot (she’s highly educated, successful etc. LIKE YOU!) I know it is upsetting so I’m sorry to send it your way! Thanks for being open to checking it out, my friend! Love you!

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  2. I agree with you. The world’s gone mad. There’s such an increase in the incidents of drug abuse and suicide amongst the upcoming generation and I do believe its all fear based. We were just having a discussion about it at work yesterday. But the facts are unfortunately, we do live in very real fear. And here in South Africa, the crime is chronic. We live in constant hyper-vigilance, our economy is not down the drain, its in the septic tank! And youngsters have to still learn how to make their way in the world amidst all the fear and doom. It’s a very hard road for them and it breaks my heart

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