With my baby Leo :-)

Leo and me

Well I’m back in Buffalo, visiting my son and my baby Leo. At the sight of my son, my heart expands and I feel such love and pride and happiness! He’s been lifting weights in between going to his 3L law classes, and he is quite the little body builder.

I have to say that whatever hard work, sleepless nights, and sometimes extreme worry that went into raising a son, it was worth it, all worth it. I love him quite madly, and I would highly recommend motherhood to anyone who is considering it.

And speaking of motherhood, there was a young mother to be sitting next to me in the plane when I was flying here last night, poor things was not doing well with the turbulence. I remember my pregnancy, 25 years ago! Quite unbelievable. I felt the healthiest, bounciest, most energetic I’ve ever felt in my life! Should have had 5 more, hahaha.

5 thoughts on “With my baby Leo :-)

  1. I love this picture and I love this post – I feel so great as I read about your love for your son!

    And Leo – OMG – beyond adorable!!!!!!!!

    That’s awesome you felt good during your pregnancy. I feel sorry for that poor young pregnant mom on that plane. 😦 (I HATE turbulence!!!!)

    I could totally see you with 10 kids – Mama Samina! You could run your own theater group with them as the cast, ha ha haha!!!!!!

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    • Thank you my dear Dyane! Your comments are always so sweet! Aral is absolutely adorable and so is Leo and i’m so happy I’m in Buffalo, although it’s a short trip. And I would need a lot of help with 10 kids, but it would be wonderful! Love and hugs for you and your 3 adorable girls! XXXOOO

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