well it’s a bipolar linkdump

Blahpolar is a genius! And thank you for the Huffpost shout out!


Thanks to socialworkerangela for the reminder of this shot straight to the heart mhm… “I think there’s a flaw in my code”. Halsey is bipolar and also genius. Volume UP.

Now go listen to more y’all. Girl got game.


The them section coming up is dominated by Patty Duke, which I think is more than fair considering the sheer length of time she was vocal about her stuff. Aw and then she went and gave us lovely Sam Gamgee Sean Astin too. Rest in Peace, warrior woman.



Sean Astin on Mom Patty Duke’s Bipolar Disorder: ‘We Were All in the Storm Together’
ARCHIVAL VIDEO: Patty Duke Seeks to Promote Understanding of Manic Depression in 1989
From the PEOPLE Archive: Patty Duke Opens Up About Her Battle with Bipolar Disorder

10 Celebrities With Depression, Bipolar Disorder, or Both

Don Cheadle: ‘Miles Davis was probably bipolar

Blah F. Polar: yo…

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