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You left us much too soon.

Did you know how much we loved you?

Didn’t you know how much you had to live for?

It was just an illness.

It was just a thought.

They were only emotions, gone awry.

You were stronger than that, yet for an instant you thought you weren’t.

Do you know how much I wish I had been there.

How much I wish I had held your hand and walked you across the precarious bridge of your darkest thoughts?

That’s all it would have taken, just my hand grasping yours, but I wasn’t there.

It was just one little instant that wrought catastrophe…

We loved you with all our hearts, we still do.

You live in our hearts, you really do.

My son has your eyes, when I look at him, sometimes I see you looking back at me.

Your son and your daughter are…

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