Depression or Lithium dullness?

Feeling much less than inspired these days. Usual summer depression? Or is it that I an so stable on 900 mg of Lithium, that I have no emotions or any ideas for creating blogposts? Don’t know which is the case, just know I feel blah. Generally fine though, just seems like the “little grey cells” aren’t working as well. What to do? Wait it out or start reading voraciously in the hope of being stimulated by something I read? Speaking of reading, I recently discovered Anna Brönte, Charlotte’s sister. I’m reading a book she wrote called “The Tenant of Wildfell Hall.” It’s a really good book, very well written and so witty and funny in spots that I find myself laughing quite out loud at times. Well that’s it for today. Hope to have something inspirational and riveting soon. Hugs. 

5 thoughts on “Depression or Lithium dullness?

  1. Pretty pictures. I hate that feeling fine with a side of blahness. It’s the boring side of being stable for me coupled with nips of depression seeping in around the edges but not fully soaking through. This is the state in which it is hardest for me to write as well. It will swing back around. It always does, doesn’t it? 🙂

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