IMG_3254You can do anything you want, say anything you want, and people will still follow you. Trump is running for president, who would have thought such a thing was possible? This man who was a laughingstock of the world, somehow found a base who will support him, enough to be one of the candidates for the presidential election. It boggles my mind, totally!

David Duke the head of the KKK is running for Louisiana’s Senate seat! Really? What is the world coming to? And what will happen if he wins?

Of course, the police are shooting people and have been targeted in return.

There was a shooting in Munich, Germany, which the authorities there are labeling a terrorist attack.

Turkey is being purged of, most likely, all intelligent and able civil servants, by the dictator named Erdogan.

Three names I wish I’d never heard: Trump, Duke, Erdogan.

Unfortunately, as I said in my last two posts, there is nothing much I can do about any of this, so I’m going to make dinner for my son. Maybe that’ll take my mind off things that are outside of my control, heinous as they are.

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