Quite A Situation!

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Anxiety, I wonder why I have anxiety? Well here’s a clue! The maintenance department of MJ Peterson leaves a whole lot to be desired! On Thursday, my son went to take a shower and was electrocuted by the hot and cold knobs and the shower head. He felt nauseous, his heart was racing, and generally felt bad as well as his hand hurt! I was in Louisville, he called my husband and me and told us what happened, we were absolutely flabbergasted, we told him to call maintenance. They came, wearing rubber soled sneakers and NO voltmeter. Of course they didn’t get shocked, and saying they couldn’t do anything about this, they left! On Friday, I called an electrician in Amherst from Louisville, he came promptly and did bring a voltmeter, and told my son that there was quite a bit of electricity, ie 90 volts, running through the shower fixtures! So Saturday he called maintenance again, and these two … came and touched the shower and said we don’t feel anything and left. They said they’d be back on Monday, and they couldn’t fix anything if they couldn’t feel it. That was it, the risk of an electrical fire and electrocution for my son was enough. I got on a plane today and got into Amherst this evening. We were planning to come for thanksgiving anyway, I just came early. Today, Aral could feel there was a lot of electricity, so he called maintenance again, they refused to even show up, said they’d come sometime Monday. So we called another electrician and he told us there were 600 watts running through the shower!! An average light bulb is 60 watts, this was like 10 light bulbs! So we have two reports from two electricians, and we are ready to talk to the manager and maintenance people. We will be moving Aral from this wretched place into a new place with hopefully a maintenance department which actually maintains the apartments and your security! I just cannot believe their cavalier attitude about something as dangerous as electricity. Aral being a lawyer, he has written up everything, stating they have breached the “implied warranty of habitabily” ๐Ÿ™‚ and hopefully we will throw the book at these incompetent people. I mean really, the danger of an electrical fire, say it happened when he was sleeping, not to mention getting electrocuted, and not being able to use your shower for 5 days, that wasn’t enough for these people to come and repair what was wrong!!! Idiots! Monday, I’m waiting for Monday too!

7 thoughts on “Quite A Situation!

  1. Oh My. God.

    Thank God your son is safe.
    This situation is absolutely CRAZY, not to mention DEADLY, RIDICULOUS & many more adjectives… – I love how your lawyer son wrote everything up….you’re a wonderful mom and I’m so glad he’s okay, but I know you’ve both been through hell with this.

    Despite his impending move, I hope you can all take it a little easier over the coming week!!!!!

    Lots of love, Dy


    • Thank you do much Dyane, it’s been pretty awful and even now we can’t touch the shower! I’m actually going to look at a new apartment complex right now. Hope they have a vacancy. Thank you do much for your concern, love and very good advice. Love you lots and lots. ๐Ÿ’Ÿ๐Ÿ’Ÿ

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  2. Thankfully everyone is safe.

    Part of my job entails working around voltage, so we train and work carefully. If you know someone that is knowledgable, have them do some tests using a DMM (digital multi meter) and record (cell phone picture/video) the results.

    Anything over 60v can be hazardous and anything over 0.5a can be fatal.


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