Angst, Anxiety, and other Anomalies. 


It is a flare up of highly intense emotions and panic in response to a negative event.  It is abject fear. It is thinking I can’t handle this. It is overthinking. It is thinking so much that thoughts start tripping over one another, until nothing makes sense. It is fear of what will happen next. It is the question of how will I deal with this catastrophe? It is a spike so sharp, it can slice you open. 

Then comes the quiet voice of reason, the abatement of these panicked emotions. Maybe I can handle this, maybe I can overcome this as well. 

Then you come back and calm starts to return. There is still a twinge of nauseous fear in the pit of your stomach, but it is subsiding. You are breathing, you are letting go of the fear. You are handling it. 

Sometimes, afterwards, you wonder what happened? Why so much panic and fear? Welcome to the world of anxiety disorders and to learning to recover from them. 

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