So, this winter, I didn’t really go through my yearly and very dreaded hypomanic phase. It’s been quite a miracle, and for this I am endlessly grateful. The reason was medication of course. A combination of Lithium and Seroquel. Although I am a little sluggish and my muscles ache a little bit, the yearly being out of touch with reality didn’t happen! The Daily emotional breakdowns did not happen. The being totally dysfunctional did NOT happen.

Anxiety still happened but those other things did not!

Amazing what the right dose and combination of meds can do!

So for me, winter in my manic mood and summer is my depressed mood, exactly the opposite of seasonal affective disorder. So I am moving towards depression now. However, I am hoping that since the hypomanic mood didn’t really occur, neither will the depressed mood. As we all know, the intensity of mania in one direction is matched by how intense the depression will be in the other direction.

Oh I have s bit of a pitchy stomach from Seroquel, but nothing that a rigorous ab regimen won’t take care of.

All in all, it’s been an unbelievably stable winter! I can’t tolerate too many meds but these two, Lithium and Seroquel, that I can tolerate are mega bosses.

Hoping for stable moods, happiness and love in the lives of all who visit here and even all who don’t.


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