Wonderful Meditation for anxiety

I would suggest doing the meditation first, then reading my comments below. That way you have your very own experience, not adulterated with mine. 🤗🤗

This meditation teacher’s words described the reason for anxiety so well that I was shocked! First I bawled, then I did the whole meditation again and I felt much calmer. If the reason for anxiety is so universal that the first hit on google described mine to a T, and possibly if all those other people’s thoughts and stories aren’t real then maybe mine aren’t real either. Also, hearing “giving yourself permission to focus on you, making yourself your first priority” !!! Wow! When have I ever done that? Not ever, I think. That made my anxiety abate even more because it also means I have control only of myself and possibly, I’m only/mostly responsible for my self.

Weight after weight dropped off my shoulders. I feel lighter, calmer, sunnier than before. I’m sure I’ll have to listen to this many times again. But I’m so glad I found it. It turned out to be a godsend for me!! Haven’t felt as much like myself as I’m feeling now for a very long time. Years, in fact!

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