I’m trying!

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I have been stuck in the past forever, going over things that happened years ago, in fact I just posted a post about why I didn’t finish my PhD, and the comment left on that post by my good friend Barb led me to write this post.

Her comment: “My friend…..this is my new ideology…..maybe it will help you.
I USE to feel guilty about EVERYTHING and repeat these scenes in my head over and over….now NO REGRETS…we are here right now on this planet to learn and become better humans….so if we did everything perfectly there would be nothing for us to learn…..therefore…NO REGRETS!”

She is so right. Regrets and rumination, they will keep you stuck in the past, and keep you in a depressed mood, they may not put you in a depression but they will definitely exacerbate it. The past is over, get over it! Can’t change it, have to move forward from here on out. No point in second guessing it, you can’t go back there and change anything.

Actually I have not been feeling well since I came back from Philadelphia. It was such a positive experience, my heart soared, and what goes up must come down… at least that is what happens if you have bipolar disorder. Sigh…

So not only do regrets keep you depressed, but they are the direct result of having gone into a depressive phase. So there, I admitted it, I have been in a depressed phase for the last few days. And it feels awful. I am tired, don’t want to do anything or go anywhere.

How do I pull myself out? Well, I’m having a Halloween party and the house isn’t going to decorate itself. Also heeding Barb’s advice will help, actually I think just reading her words made my brain produce some much needed neurotransmitters, in other words reading her comment made me feel better. That’s how simple it is. We get by with a little help from our friends!

No regrets! Onwards and upwards! I’m trying!