Last night in my dream, I saw you

You were there, in my sanctuary, my idyll, where the sun shone bright and there was the sound of sweet birdsong.

You were there in my shelter, where the storm clouds had passed, and the day, bright and sweet, newly dawned.

Flowers with adorable faces of children here grow, throwing playful glances your way, you are free to rest and play, to let you know.

Here my father sun’s golden rays warm me, they caress my face as a mother’s hand caresses her child newly born.

Here Mother Earth supports me with her gentle, quiet, sustaining strength, so I can rest my bones so careworn.

Here, in this place, where a peaceful, gurgling river flows, I came last night to see if I could find you full of hope.

I had been looking for you for so long, yet till last night, you had eluded my grasp sure and strong.

Finally, I saw you in this place to which I go, where only days of pure goodness and joy surround me.

Where night blooming jasmine, and a wondrous, precious rose so rare, their perfumed garlands weave around me.

Here I am enveloped in safety and warmth and no one can hurt or harm me.

Even when dark night comes to this place, it comes gently, with promises of sweet rest and repose.

it is a silent night, full of restful sleep and such fantastic dreams, you can inhabit them all night long.

The full moon shines it’s calm, serene, white light here at night, lights your dreams as with a fairy orb.

Here, I am protected by the very trees that watch over me like strong, stalwart, silent sentinels.

And the stars glitter like jewels, winking playfully and teasing, laughing with their playful, little faces.

Last night, when I curled up in bed and came to this my magical place, you were there!

I saw you and said ” Hello. How are you? Where have you been? It’s been so long.”

And you said “Hello. I’m fine. I’ve always been right here. I was waiting for you to cast away your fear and look for me with your beautiful, big eyes, so fearless and bright. I have been here, waiting for you the whole time.”

And I knew you were telling me the truth.

And I knew we’d meet again… soon.

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