Depression Dogs!!


Psychiatric service dogs can help with a wide variety of disabilities from Bipolar Disorder to Schizophrenia to PTSD to Depression. The physical effects of a dog are out of this world! It can physically relax you and in most cases lower your heart rate and blood pressure! The unconditional love dogs offer is also good for a person struggling with depression or anxiety. It is also good for a depressed person to have the responsibility of owning a dog and going outside to take the dog for a walk a few times a day can only do positive things for someone struggling with an acute episode of a mental illness.

A few of the trainable tasks accepted by the ADA for depression are give tactile stimulation (or touch in a specific trained way), wake up a handler who sleeps too much, cuddle and kiss to help bring the handler out of feelings of isolation and hopelessness, remind the handler to take medication, and to find keys or other items lost (depression or certain medications can cause problems with a person’s memory.

Many people have fold me that with their unconditional love, these dogs have literally saved their lives!!! And the joy that a beloved dog brings into one’s life is unquantifiable! I’ve never had a dog but I absolutely love them and I will definitely be getting one from the SPCA in a few years. Having a depression dog, it’s all good!!

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