Relentlessly Participate in the Manifestation of Your Own Blessings in your Life

Relentlessly participate in manifestation of your blessings!!!

Just when I was getting angry, hopeless and dejected about an issue that came up two days ago, (to do with my blog) in my life, I saw this on Instagram. Love, love, love it! You can’t just do it once and sit back and relax, you have to RELENTLESSLY participate in the manifestation of your life, your love, your own blessings! And if blessings are the end result then it is not a struggle, it is simply participation in their manifestation! Outlook matters so much, people! Participate and manifest and be relentless!

8 thoughts on “Relentlessly Participate in the Manifestation of Your Own Blessings in your Life

  1. So true my beautiful Lady! I’ve been facing some seriously frightening negativity and hate from those who oppose ECT. One of them has decided to find places I’ve been on the internet and reply to things I’ve written with such crazy crazy crazy just that it’s hard for me to fathom. I feel sorry for her and I do have compassion to a point. Interestingly enough when I threatened her with hiring a lawyer for reasons of unwarranted slander, I haven’t read anything lately but that could change. I guess I bring all this up because things are going to happen in our lives that bring us down and surprised us with how awful they can feel. This woman’s sick behavior was nothing compared to the horrors I’ve felt in my life, so it helps to put it all into perspective. I shall continue to relentlessly participate in the manifestation of my own blessings just like the quote says. It continues to happen and I can’t let things like the Kraken lady and the internet stalker stop me from pursuing my vision! This reminder and please forgive any typos or syntax errors because I’m speaking into my cell phone while I sit in the carpool line. Love you very much, and I hope that your situation got resolved!!!!!!

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  2. Like they say, the best revenge is being happy! So sorry the woman’s been stalking you on the internet! And the Kraken lady, ugh! Strange people with strange behavior. I can’t seem to avoid people of that ilk either. All we can do is just be relentless for our own happiness. Let’s do this! Love you too, lots!


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