It is heartbreaking to see poor, filthy, bedraggled homeless people, walking down the street, talking to themselves. Where I live now is an urban setting. In my suburban neighborhood in Buffalo, NY, I didn’t encounter any homeless people. Here, in my new neighborhood in Louisville, Kentucky, I see them daily. And it is very sad. I wonder, where do they sleep, where do they shower, wash their faces, brush their teeth? As far as sleeping, I see tents in the park and as far as showering, washing up, I think the answer is nowhere. Really sad. I’ve heard it said and seen it written that war veterans, because of post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) or other psychiatric problems, become homeless. That is absolutely a heinous crime for our country’s government to allow this to happen. First these young men are sent to fight on our behalf, then when they come home, sick and unable to live their lives, there is no adequate care available for them and they end up on the streets! For shame U.S.A! The VA healthcare system is, simply put, inadequate, where some veterans have to wait 30 or more days to get any care. Young veterans are committing suicide, 22 veterans a day (!!!) because of severe brain injuries and PTSD.

Both of these issues, the homeless and the veterans, are issues of mental health. Our veterans deserve better, our mentally ill citizens deserve better. These are not throw away people, they are valuable people who need help and in a country, a first world, an advanced country such as the U.S.A, this should be readily available. How to do this? How to accomplish this? How to give these poor sick people the help they need?

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