Wintry Weather New YorkSixty inches of snow fell in my old hometown in Western New York today. Sixty inches! There was a magnificent, terrifying wall of snow (above) coming off Lake Erie, coming down on the towns south of Buffalo and the city itself didn’t get even one flake today! Amazing! The sublime grandeur of nature! Yes snow is sublime, especially a blizzard that drops sixty inches of it!

Normally, in less extreme weather, when it has snowed up to a foot, I think of snow as clean, pure, virginal, and quiet. The whole world seems quiet and peaceful. Hushed and magical. After every first snowstorm of the year, I would go for a long walk. Listening to the silence, looking at the pristine, white, untouched beauty of the landscape. Of course I would take pictures. I absolutely love snow. I love it when the snow flakes are silently falling, as if they are in no hurry, as if they know exactly where they have to be, and they know they will get there. There is such peace in falling snow. Just quiet, falling snowflakes, just floating, almost weightlessly to the ground. No noise, no tumult, they bring peace of mind with them. It may be the optical version of listening to ocean waves. Those too impart peace of mind.

If I was there now, I would still go for my walk, even in the sixty inches, and be amazed at the beautiful, white stillness. Perhaps I would glimpse some deer, with their graceful gait and their doe eyes, out in the snow, looking for food. The trees would also be covered in snow, making everything look like a magical fairyland!

I hope all my family and friends are warm and safe in this crazy, extreme, unseasonal blizzard. Buffalo and its suburbs are so extremely good at snow removal, that I have implicit faith that the roads will be plowed soon, the driveways cleaned and everyone will be safe. The State University of New York at Buffalo hardly ever closes. The same is the case with the Buffalo Niagara Airport. They are prepared for snow and lots of it, although sixty inches is pushing it a bit!

My heart is restless here in Kentucky. I wish I was home.

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